kochajikan tries to draw.

doodles ~ drawings ~ art ~ crappy stuff

how do boys work???? no one knows….

thank you so much!!! this was a lot of fun~ 

bangs weren’t really ‘in’ in the 20s, but I guess this works?! lol 

felt an artblock coming, so I haD TO DRAW SOMETHING ARRRGH

—-> on dA

some girls~

happydoodlesama :  Loving the art!! Great blog! *camps here* 😄

ohhhh thanks a lot!! ;w;

*starts bonfire* 

rlly bad at drawing today tbh :/

anyway, this is my Saints Row 3 & 4 character… there are some screenshots of her on my steam account (not in this outfit though lol)


celestialfucker :  wow your art is gorgeous!!!! i love the colors so much wow <3333 i would buy so many shirts with your designs on them omg!!!

fOR REAL??? omg


some transparent, extraterrestrial pixels…

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