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despite the fact that I played Assassin’s Creed most of the day, I still managed to finish this drawing of one of my fem!Sheps whose name I forgot


here’s a character for character design class… not rlly sure about her backstory yet, but at least I know what she looks like, am I right?!

So far I do know that she is a mage (??) and was cursed, so now she’s slowly decaying. She is wearing the mask & clothes to conceal the fact that she isn’t human & to walk around in public and stuff like that. Thanks to her powers she can float, although her legs are already completely gone. The magical powers are weakening slowly, just like her body, so she can’t keep up the floating for too long. That’s why she lives isolated and far off any paths and only goes into town for supplies and to do business with the locals if she really has no other choice.

okay nvm, now she’s got a backstory lol

Inktober day 15

the ink won’t dry, so I added the shadows in ps OTL

we have to make film posters for a class, so I drew some Pacific Rim things to arrange all cool and fancy~~

Inktober day 13

Drawing skulls is one of my fave things and today we did!

just letting you know, that I’ll put this little signature thingy on my art from now on! Just so it’s easier to find me/my other art if it ever gets reposted without source or sth like that~

I’ll probably only slap it onto the digital stuff tho bc I’m lazy af  


Inktober day 12

I guess…

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