kochajikan tries to draw.

doodles ~ drawings ~ art ~ crappy stuff

Síle Hawke~

*forever redraws old pics instead of coming up with new things*


new spooky pattern for this year!! (last year’s is here~)

feel free to use this as a background or whatever…

me + witch accessories



yaaah… idk

somehow that photoset was buggy after I added the second pic?! so, I deleted it… here they are again

edit: that’s as far as I’m gonna get today, I guess! my hand hurts ugh

*wipes sweat off forehead* well, this took a while…

I haven’t played any Saints Row in a few weeks but since I hadn’t drawn my boss in my favourite outfit of hers yet, I figured why not?! 

—> on dA

edit: added some detail picssss c:

my saints row boss again yaaay

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