kochajikan tries to draw.

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it’s really hot today, I’m wearing my new shorts and my mum bought a watermelon. 

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always relevant tbh

"It’s not just a phase, Jake. It’s who I really am!!!"

I’m kinda sorry?!? a bit?? or nah…

grown-up Finn wip

I couldn’t resist, so here’s a redraw of a very bad drawing by Christopher Hart…

just spent some quality time laughing at Christopher Hart’s art~ how is a complete sexist asshole like him, who is also TERRIBLE at drawing able to successfully publish several books, that “teach people how to draw”??? I don’t get it…

Be kind to yourselves, friends! Don’t try to learn from Chris Hart, just don’t.


I just really like Scully’s hair….

this came out unexpectedly great?!?! 

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I’m so slow, I’m sorry!!! …well, one more done~
Thanks for the request, Anon <33

—-> bigger version on dA <—-

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