kochajikan tries to draw.

doodles ~ drawings ~ art ~ crappy stuff

so, that character from last night got a makeover… 

some alien girl OC or sth?!? 

Elizabeth + #54 requested by myself haha

okay, I’m posting this version too, because it’s so much nicer! and yes, I know, the glow cloud is purple…

Looking back, you see the bulge of light that is your Night Vale. The purple cloud now floating over the heart of the city.

- Welcome to Night Vale, Ep. 13: A Story about You

Redraw of this~!

it’s time fooooor: CRAZY PS EXPERIMENTS!! Yaaaay!! … ugh 

it’s really hot today, I’m wearing my new shorts and my mum bought a watermelon. 

—-> on dA

always relevant tbh

"It’s not just a phase, Jake. It’s who I really am!!!"

I’m kinda sorry?!? a bit?? or nah…

grown-up Finn wip

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